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New Space Controls

Kick your surveys into warp speed with these new controls!

Open a hailing frequency with your own participants and use our latest product updates to maximize the value you get out of their answers!

Here are our new features that’ll kick your surveys into warp speed:

  • To maximize the value you get in each survey, send a reminder email (for free) with a custom message to your list of participants that have not yet taken your test.
  • When you’re curious about a particular answer, contact participants directly from your report to ask them another question. Replying is suuuuuper easy!
  • Under the pressure of deadlines, you can’t waste time. So we’ve made our screener page easier to scan and download. Quick access to the questions and responses makes everything go more smoothly.
  • You need the right space cadets. We retrofitted our filter screening so you can reach a more focused audience. Better lists mean better quality feedback.

We’d love to hear how you’re using our latest updates. Feel free to reach out and let us know.


The Helio Team