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Branching & Hotspots in Beta

In this update we’re announcing a new way you can use branches: hotspots!

Branching survey questions

Some of you astute Helioites may have noticed a swift mention of branching in our last update. The feature is still in beta, but we’ve been working hard to make it snappy, stable and powerful. In this update we’re announcing a new way you can use branches: hotspots!

With hotspots you can now build clickable prototypes for flow testing. Flow testing is a powerful way to gauge whether or not users understand your design from a navigational perspective.

In Helio, hotspots can take testers to other screens, to the end of a test, or any of our other question types! Let’s walk through a couple of common use cases for hotspots:

Examples of use cases:

  • Testing elements of a screen in different locations. With hotspot branching, you can test different variations to track which design yields the best success rate and overall higher user comprehension.
  • Prioritizing. Understanding the different priorities of a user by mapping their behaviors and tracking the various journeys taken.
  • Prototype testing. This gives you a clear idea of how a user will navigate through your website and the path most taken.
  • Stronger sense of usability. Hotspots provide you the certainty of where users expect to find and navigate through your website or mobile application.

That’s it! To be the first to use Hotspot functionality, drop us a line at [email protected]

Happy testing!!