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Increase conversions using remote testing

Make customers the focus of your landing pages. Writing copy is easy, converting customers is another story. This kit gives you an efficient and compelling way to test your ideas and build confidence with your team. Helio makes it easy without the heavy burden and bloat of traditional research.

Secret Sauce Conversion

Take the guesswork out of marketing campaigns! Failed campaigns are expensive and damage your brand. Before building a landing page, test an audience to figure out the best direction.

Setup — You’ll need a couple of things to get started.

  • Free Helio Account
  • Landing Page Screenshots
  • Pick an Audience

Test — Build your test and send it to your participants.

  • Create a Test
  • Create Questions
  • Run a Test

Results — Once your results have filled, see what you’ve learned!

  • View Test Results
  • Plug Them Into Spreadsheet
  • Show Your Team
Step 1

The Setup

Test your landing pages

Learn the effectiveness of your landing pages with a quick survey. Measure comprehension, preference, and perceived value through Helio’s question tools.

What You'll Need

Free Account: Signup for your free Helio account

Screenshot: Landing page screenshot for test question

Pick an Audience: Share internally via slack or email or externally through social media

Step 2

The Test

Assess where your users are taking action.

Test the effectiveness of your landing page by understanding participants' first interactions with the page and how they comprehend the elements in the page. Once you get their perspective using survey questions, gauge the landing page conversion.


Click: Click where you would go first on this page.

Free Response: Briefly describe what product or service this company is offering.

Multiple Choice: What impressions does this page give you?

Scale: On a scale of 0 to 10, how well do you understand what this page is about?

Send Test: Use our Open Audience setting to post your test link on social media.

Step 3

The Results

Benchmark where you stand compared to your competitors.

Measure the findings and create an Experience Benchmark report. Share your findings with your team to learn how to improve the landing page.

Gather and Share

Test Results: Use the Helio Report view to synthesize your findings.

Spreadsheet: Plug the data into the Landing Page Conversion spreadsheet.

Show Your Team: Use the spreadsheet to share the results with your team!

Upgrade with Advanced Audiences

Instantly gain access to 400k real people for your surveys and tests.
Near limitless audiences for any project based on over 70M attributes.
Collect qualitative and quantitative data from participants in minutes — not days.