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Concept Testing Test Template

Landing Page Conversion

Why should you use this template?

Landing pages are important crossroads that internet travelers happen upon throughout their web experience. When a traveler wanders through your crossroads, you need the best sales pitch possible to get them to stick around awhile. To figure out your engaging sales pitch, you need to know how participants feel about your corner of the internet and whether they’re willing to explore deeper into your part of town.

On most landing pages, there’s a key action or goal that you want visitors to achieve. What’s you’ve built hunches around how to better achieve that goal, user feedback can point you in the right direction for making iterative improvements to your funnel.

Test Outcomes:

  • See where participants attention is pulled first
  • Understand the emotional reaction to your initial ask
  • Gauge participants likelihood to share refer your business based on initial reactions

Organization Benefits

  • Opportunity to validate the value propositions of your company’s web experience
  • Quantitative method of evaluating the emotional reaction participants have to your product

Test Questions

  1. Briefly describe what the purpose of this page is.
    Free Response
    Open up the problem space by gaining an idea of how your audience describes your landing page offer in their own words. This gives you an idea of whether your point is coming across early on.
  2. Click on what you would do first on this page.
    Click Test
    Present the landing page to participants and provide the context that led them there. Ask them to click where they would go next. Use a follow-up to understand why participants gravitate there first.
  3. Click where you would go to learn whether this service would work for your company.
    Click Test
    This click is used as a comprehension check, to see if participants are able to find other key actions on the page, should you have any.
  4. What impressions does this page give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Give 8-10 different emotions or impressions to participants and ask them to select all that apply to the onboarding experience you’ve presented. Half of these answer options should be positive impressions that you want your onboarding to instill in customers; the other half are negative options that represent impressions you want to avoid. Use single-word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.
  5. How likely is it that you would use this service for your business or company?
    Numerical Scale
    Use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and ask participants to rate their likelihood of recommending your business to a friend or colleague. NPS scores range from -100 to +100, and any score greater than 0 is considered good.

Additional Questions

  • How likely are you to sign up for this service?
  • Which of these actions would you take first on this page?
  • How well does this page match your expectations based on the link you clicked on the previous page?
  • How interested are you in this product based on others you’ve seen in this industry?
  • How would you share this web page with a friend?