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Intercepts Overview

Get feedback from the people who are using your platform in real-time. Embed an Intercept survey into your website or app using one of our 6 different formats, and use Helio to collect the data.

Intercepts are Helio surveys that you can embed into your website or app to gather feedback from participants who are using your platform. The Intercept will take participants to a Helio survey that can be branded to align with your company’s styles. Brand your Intercept survey to blend seamlessly with your existing experience, and use our targeting logic to gather feedback from the participants you need.

Using the Intercept’s targeting logic, you can choose who you need to ask specific questions to and segment your data from visitors. Placing the intercept anywhere in your platform’s experience gives you the flexibility to learn in new areas and target specific actions or events.

While using Intercepts on your platform, try to avoid disrupting a user’s flow or distracting them from an action they are about to take. Some intercept types, like Modals and Takeovers, are meant to steal the visitors’ attention away from the content of the page, which isn’t something you want while they are in the middle of completing a goal. You should also be selective about the question types you use with intercept surveys. Several open-ended questions can wear out your participants and cause them to disengage from both your survey and your platform.