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Each intercept type allows you to add a custom message with up to 500 characters, and a custom CTA label with up to 50 characters. Decide whether to make your partnership with Helio public to your users with the Powered by Helio toggle.

You can also control the time your intercept is delivered on each intercept type using the “When does it display?” dropdown. Choose between immediately, after 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or on page exit.


Bar intercepts are great as a persistent action on a page or as the first notification visitors see when they land on your platform. Bars are often used as notifications on a homepage or landing page that catch visitors attention early on.

You can set your bar to remain stuck to the top of your website page as participants scroll down. Choose from two different positions for your bar: top or bottom of the page.


Modal intercepts work well to quickly catch visitors attention by placing your intercept right in front of them. Modals work great as a follow-up to events or actions, while the experience is still fresh in the visitors mind but they haven’t decided where to go next.

You can decide how the modal functions by choosing whether participants will close it with the ‘x’, or simply by clicking outside of the modal.


Slider intercepts slide out at the bottom of a visitors screen, and are a non-invasive way of catching someone’s interest. Sliders can be used to coincide with a specific action, or as a quick as after someone has spent some time on a page.

Choose between bottom right, bottom left, and bottom center for your slider location.


Alerts can be used to grab a visitors attention after they have spent time on a page. Once you know someone has absorbed the content of a page, use the delivery time settings to decide when your intercept should appear.

Choose between a bottom left or bottom right location for your alert.


Like modals, takeovers are great for focusing a users entire attention on your intercept. Use them after a participant has completed an experience to ensure that you don’t disrupt the flow that you need feedback on.


Push intercepts are another non-invasive way of getting your visitors’ attention. They work great throughout a website experience and can be used effectively when paired with certain actions.

Choose between top right, top left, or top center for your push intercept location.