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Sometimes responses don’t align with your test. Perhaps there’s keyboard mashing (sdfasd), an unintelligible response (ir knt think bt) or perhaps they’re just responding with the same text for every answer (e.g, N/A, or not sure).

We provide a method to hide responses that aren’t valuable, or to flag responses that need participant review

Here’s how to flag a response:

  • Click on “Tester ID” to quickly review all responses from the participant.

  • Confirm participant’s intent to not answer the test.

  • Click the purple flag in the response box.

  • Confirm that you really want to flag this user, and choose an appropriate flag reason. (Be sure, flagging is a permanent action)

The above steps will remove the participant from the entire test and won’t show up in any .CSV export or other test reporting.

NOTE: You can resurrect responses if you accidentally hide them! Simply click the 3 dot icon near the top right of the screen, choose Hidden from the dropdown menu.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions on how to gauge validity of a participants response, or if you need help using these features.

The Helio Team