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We’re so excited to hop into how you can maximize your surveys by including MaxDiff questions. In the simplest terms, the MaxDiff question type measures a customers’ preference or importance of items on a list, usually indicating the “best/worst” or “most/least”.

Start by creating a test and selecting the MaxDiff question type.

When crafting questions that ask customers to make trade-offs between a list, it’s best to ask “Which of the following is most/least important.” In the example below, we ask customers to select which is most/least important to them when planning a vacation.

Your data will be presented in an easy to read, color-coded graph. In our example “Beach access” ranked as most important in purple and “Nightlife” ranked least important in light purple.

MaxDiff is very versatile: teams from design and development to marketing and sales can utilize this gem of a question type to learn a lot from customers. Some highlights include prioritizing features or function, what marketing messaging resonates with a customer, and what a customer’s focus is when making the decision to purchase. We can’t wait for you to give MaxDiff a try!