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Sign-up for free! Helio's Pro account let's you explore the platform and even get feedback on your surveys without paying a dime.

With a Pro account, you can set up surveys for free and send them out one at a time. Our Open Audience surveys can be used to produce link that you can send to your own participants. The first 50 responses on each survey are free using an Open Audience link. If you'd like more responses on your Open Audience survey, you can then purchase to unlock more in $50 increments.

If you're looking to tap into Our Participants, you can do so with a Targeted Audience. Test with a completely random sample, or select from up to five demographic targets, including gender, age, income, education, and location. Each survey sent to a Targeted Audience will collect 100 responses. If you'd like more responses, you can purchase an additional 100 after it has been sent. Testing with a Targeted Audience starts at $199 if you don't select any demographic criteria. Tests sent to specific demographic targets cost $399.