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Send Surveys to Your List

When you send a survey to your uploaded list of participants, you are able to customize the email that carries the survey link.

There are several parts of the survey email that can be customized for a more personalized effect. The following fields can be edited:

  • sender email – the email that will appear as the sender in participants’ email inbox. If you need to ensure that your survey emails are coming directly from your company’s email domain, follow our steps to complete the DNS (domain name system) records upload process.
  • sender name – the name that will appear as the sender in participants’ email inbox
  • subject line – first text participants will read about the email in their email inbox
  • preheader – the text revealed after the subject line in participants’ email inbox
  • custom form – the brand styles you would like to be seen in the email
  • message above CTA – this is the body of your email where the context and the ask will be provided
  • CTA – the button participants click to enter the survey
  • text below CTA – help message for participants to ask questions or opt-out

Once you have entered your custom information, you can review the survey order on the next page and then send to your participants.