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Helio Subscription Plans

Welcome aboard! We’re excited to to show you the upgraded features you get with a Business and Enterprise plan. If you’re looking for information on Enterprise only features, just click over to here.

Helio’s subscription plans provide advanced features in the platform that aren’t available in a free account. There are two types of subscriptions you can have: a Business Plan or an Enterprise Plan.

Our Business Plans provide 3 different levels of access to the platform: Starter, Business, and Business Plus.

Each Business Plan provides you with a limit of answers that you can use each month. An answer is a response to 1 question in a survey from 1 participant (i.e. a 5 question test sent to 10 people uses 50 answers). Each answer in Helio costs $0.50 each.

Helio’s Enterprise & Agency plans start at 4,000 answers per month and provide customized subscription plans for teams that want to get the most value out of their data. Enterprise plans also provide the option for hands on support from our Helio Advocates to set up, run, and deliver findings for your surveys. Check out our services page for more info about how we can work together with your team.