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Figma Prototype Testing

When your team has reached the prototyping phase, we have the testing solution for you. Helio provides an integration with Figma prototypes so that you can get quantitative and qualitative feedback on your interactive designs.

To set up a prototype directive in Helio, you will outline the Optimal Path. This is the steps that participants will take to reach the start of the prototype flow to the end. Each prototype survey needs a start and an end to move participants through the survey and gather data on their comprehension of the flow.

When responses come in on your prototype survey, interactions with the prototype will be outlined in the data report. You’ll be given a breakdown of the participants who moved directly through the optimal path (Direct Success), those who clicked around before reaching their final destination (Indirect Success), and those who didn’t understand what they were supposed to do and bailed out (Failed).

Each step in the optimal path will reveal the average time it took participants to complete, how many extra clicks were taken on each page, and where the user drop offs occurred.

If your team works with a different prototyping platform, please reach out to us. We’re always excited to add new features to the platform!