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Advanced Audiences

Access to a more specific group of participants, just a click away! With a Business or Enterprise plan, we can work with your team to determine the type of participants you need to get feedback from.

We can target participants responsibilities, behaviors, preferences, professional roles, and almost any other attributes that your team finds interesting. Once we have alignment on who your target audience is, we’ll give you an expectation on when it will be ready and then add it to your account for you to access whenever you need

Audiences you can test with are visible on the Audiences page of your account, under the Our Participants tab. They will sit above the basic audiences you can use on the platform (Helio Participants and Targeted Helio Participants). Click the Create Test action next to any of these active audiences to start setting up a survey with those participants in mind.

Below the participants you have immediate access to on the Our Participants tab is the Recommended Audiences section.

At any time, you can add a Recommended Audience to your list of active audiences above. If your list of active audiences is maxed out, you can swap out one of your current audiences for the recommended group. Use the Request Audience button to reach out to our team and provide a more specific picture of who you need feedback from.

For more information about who our participants are, check out our help article on Audiences. For Enterprise plan members who want to know more about their access to the Your Participants tab, click here.