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Add Team Members

Bring the whole family! If you have access to a Business or Enterprise plan, you can invite team members to use or view your account.

As an owner, there are 4 types of users you can add to your account

  • Admins, who have the same level of access as the owner of the account. They can create and run surveys, enter billing information, and add other members to the account.
  • Members, who can create their own projects and surveys on the account, but cannot see any other projects that they have not been specifically invited to.
  • Viewers, who can see all the data and projects on the account and are not allowed to touch anything.
  • Billing members, who have access to the billing page and view access to any projects that Admins or Members decide to add them to.

To add a team member to your account, go to the Settings page under the profile dropdown in the top right corner of your account (next to the Create Test button).

Click ‘Invite Users’ in the top right corner, and enter the information of the user you want to add.

Once a member is added to your account, you can invite them to individual projects using the Add Teammates button in the top right corner of your project view.

Your subscription comes with a set amount of users that can have Admin or Member access, and you can add unlimited Viewers to your account!