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Helio Subscription Plans

Welcome aboard! We’re excited to to show you the upgraded features you get with a Business and Enterprise plan. If you’re looking for information on Enterprise only features, just click over to here.

Helio’s subscription plans provide advanced features in the platform that aren’t available in a free account. There are two types of subscriptions you can have: a Business Plan or an Enterprise Plan.

Our Business Plans provide 3 different levels of access to the platform: Starter, Business, and Business Plus.

Each Business Plan provides you with a limit of answers that you can use each month. An answer is a response to 1 question in a survey from 1 participant (i.e. a 5 question test sent to 10 people uses 50 answers). Each answer in Helio costs $0.50 each.

Helio’s Enterprise & Agency plans start at 4,000 answers per month and provide customized subscription plans for teams that want to get the most value out of their data. Enterprise plans also provide the option for hands on support from our Helio Advocates to set up, run, and deliver findings for your surveys. Check out our services page for more info about how we can work together with your team.

Advanced Features

Business and Enterprise accounts come with a variety of upgrades not seen in Pro accounts. The list includes:

  • Greater question limit, up to 20 questions in surveys
  • Access to Advanced Audiences targeted by behaviors and responsibilities
  • Team member and viewer access
  • Branching logic on survey questions
  • Figma prototype testing

Enterprise accounts get even more, including custom participant recruitment, survey support services, and custom branded surveys. Check it out!

Advanced Audiences

Access to a more specific group of participants, just a click away! With a Business or Enterprise plan, we can work with your team to determine the type of participants you need to get feedback from.

We can target participants responsibilities, behaviors, preferences, professional roles, and almost any other attributes that your team finds interesting. Once we have alignment on who your target audience is, we’ll give you an expectation on when it will be ready and then add it to your account for you to access whenever you need

Audiences you can test with are visible on the Audiences page of your account, under the Our Participants tab. They will sit above the basic audiences you can use on the platform (Helio Participants and Targeted Helio Participants). Click the Create Test action next to any of these active audiences to start setting up a survey with those participants in mind.

Below the participants you have immediate access to on the Our Participants tab is the Recommended Audiences section.

At any time, you can add a Recommended Audience to your list of active audiences above. If your list of active audiences is maxed out, you can swap out one of your current audiences for the recommended group. Use the Request Audience button to reach out to our team and provide a more specific picture of who you need feedback from.

For more information about who our participants are, check out our help article on Audiences. For Enterprise plan members who want to know more about their access to the Your Participants tab, click here.

Add Team Members

Bring the whole family! If you have access to a Business or Enterprise plan, you can invite team members to use or view your account.

As an owner, there are 4 types of users you can add to your account

  • Admins, who have the same level of access as the owner of the account. They can create and run surveys, enter billing information, and add other members to the account.
  • Members, who can create their own projects and surveys on the account, but cannot see any other projects that they have not been specifically invited to.
  • Viewers, who can see all the data and projects on the account and are not allowed to touch anything.
  • Billing members, who have access to the billing page and view access to any projects that Admins or Members decide to add them to.

To add a team member to your account, go to the Settings page under the profile dropdown in the top right corner of your account (next to the Create Test button).

Click ‘Invite Users’ in the top right corner, and enter the information of the user you want to add.

Once a member is added to your account, you can invite them to individual projects using the Add Teammates button in the top right corner of your project view.

Your subscription comes with a set amount of users that can have Admin or Member access, and you can add unlimited Viewers to your account!

Question Limit

Activating a subscription on Helio means you automatically access a greater question limit in your surveys. While we know most surveys don’t get this long, you can include up to 20 questions in your surveys (if you need even more than that, feel free to reach out to our team!).

Follow-up questions can also be used to extend the amount of questions you ask without increasing your question count on the survey. You can find the option for follow-up questions under the Advanced Options toggle at the bottom of each question you add to the survey.

Leaving the ‘required’ box unchecked will only gather feedback from participants who have more to say while avoiding unnecessary responses from participants who are acting based on impulse.

Branching Logic

Business and Enterprise accounts come with one of our most beloved features: branching logic. Take participants down predetermined pathways based on how they answer questions in your survey.

You can even use branching logic on click test questions. Just outline a hotspot on the visual you upload and select where participants who click in that area will be taken. You can outline as many hotspots as you want on your designs.

A setting for default branching logic can be used for any participants who click outside of the hotspots you create on the screen.

Quick tip: if you want to branch from click test to click test, click the box to remove the question introduction so that participants have a more direct experience from screen to screen.

Figma Prototype Testing

When your team has reached the prototyping phase, we have the testing solution for you. Helio provides an integration with Figma prototypes so that you can get quantitative and qualitative feedback on your interactive designs.

To set up a prototype directive in Helio, you will outline the Optimal Path. This is the steps that participants will take to reach the start of the prototype flow to the end. Each prototype survey needs a start and an end to move participants through the survey and gather data on their comprehension of the flow.

When responses come in on your prototype survey, interactions with the prototype will be outlined in the data report. You’ll be given a breakdown of the participants who moved directly through the optimal path (Direct Success), those who clicked around before reaching their final destination (Indirect Success), and those who didn’t understand what they were supposed to do and bailed out (Failed).

Each step in the optimal path will reveal the average time it took participants to complete, how many extra clicks were taken on each page, and where the user drop offs occurred.

If your team works with a different prototyping platform, please reach out to us. We’re always excited to add new features to the platform!