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Helio's Video Testing Method Guide

The Ultimate Video Testing Method Guide: An Introduction

Communication with customers is extremely difficult at the best of times. We use all types of multimedia assets to bridge the gap, and testing those visual assets can help you break the communication barrier. 

When it comes to video testing, there’s a lot to consider in a remote survey setting. Targeting the right audience is the first task, while providing proper context and understanding what exactly you want to get feedback on are key influencers.

We’re also here to tell you that video testing isn’t just appropriate for completed content, like that 3 hour long Stranger Things recap you’ve been working on for your YouTube channel. Videos can be very effective at getting early feedback from your audience on conceptual ideas and sketched out thoughts. Just ask the Pixar animation team. We’ve also used videos to bring our static assets to life and get a little more pointed feedback from our test participants.

Whether you’ve got a completed video 2 hours away from upload or a user flow you want to show seamlessly to users, video testing is a valuable place to start a feedback loop with your audience.

Why Video Killed the Traditional User Test?

You can stage a more thorough explanation of an idea with a video asset. Clearly set up context using analogies or describing the concept in further detail for instance. Forget text scenarios or using a single image to convey an idea. That’s so 2000 and late.  Not to mention more burdensome on your target audience. 

Concepts are complex. That’s why it typically requires more than a single image or sketch to demonstrate the potential of the concept effectively. Video allows you to visually display an idea and get more visceral reactions from your audience. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy ​​schmancy. Production can be very simple using Quicktime or any other video software to capture a quick walkthrough. It’s virtually seamless to record a video on your iPhone and upload it immediately to a test with Helio

Easily stage a more thorough explanation of an idea. When you don’t have a completed product, set up the context through analogies or describing the flow’s intent in greater detail. You can see how they react. It’s like those cop shows where the police captain watched the interrogation from behind the window. 

Beyond just getting feedback on your finished content, video testing can change how you think about getting user reactions on assets you produce throughout a creative process, from sketches to wireframes flows.