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Hospitality Industry


Participants who work in a role at a company in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry comprises various fields related to lodging, food and drink service, event planning, travel, tourism, recreation and theme parks.

Participants in this industry will likely be skilled in customer relations, culture and travel. They often have an outgoing personality and enjoy social situations.

Common audiences

These common audiences are made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the hospitality industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Catering sales manager – in charge of a catering company’s sales and client interactions. They find new and repeat customers, assisting with menu selection and planning, negotiating cost, and employing and training food service workers.
  • Director of hotel sales – controls and supervises a company’s sales efforts. Designs plans to reach sales targets, creates and fosters connections with clients, and reviews costs to decide product pricing while selling to customers.
  • Hotel manager – in charge of all aspects of the hotel’s daily operations. Over time, many are entrusted with long-term responsibilities such as negotiating contracts with vendors (such as maintenance supplies), negotiating leases with on-site shops, and physically improving the hotel.
  • Tour operator – a person or corporation who comes up with holiday ideas, investigates them, creates the holiday itinerary and content, contracts the services required for the vacation, such as lodging, transportation, guides, tour leaders, or resort reps, and then markets the final package.
  • Back office assistant – assists with day-to-day administrative responsibilities in the workplace. Sorting letters, developing and optimizing procedures, managing calendars, arranging appointments, procuring supplies, and communicating with other departments.
  • Theme park employee – may do a wide range of tasks like engaging in thrill ride construction, maintenance, and operation; some work at the front gate, issuing tickets or passes; others work at concession stands or run park restaurants and gift shops; and many work as entertainers.
  • Air BnB host – uses self maintained and owned property as rented lodgings. Reviews, and is reviewed by, visitors on cleanliness, courtesy and communication.
  • Restaurant manager – focuses on hiring/firing employees, training programs, PR and marketing, process optimization.
  • Chef de cuisine – in restaurants without an executive chef, the head chef takes the lead. Like an executive chef, they are in charge of all elements of the kitchen, including developing menus, keeping track of kitchen expenses, and supervising the kitchen staff.