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Legal Audience

Government Relations Industry


Participants who work in a role at a company in the government relations industry. Participants in this industry will likely be skilled in legal and governmental affairs, communication and business.

The government relations industry comprises various fields related to public policy and governance at all levels. Government relations is defined as the process of influencing public policy at all levels of government, including local, regional, national, and even global levels of governance. Government relations is the process of persuading government officials to change or sustain policies that better meet the needs of a specific group.

Common audiences

These common audiences are made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the government relations industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Research analyst – conducts research on intergovernmental and legislative problems, assembles and analyzes data, and provides suggestions.
  • Public policy/advocacy manager – in charge of working inside the government to determine how legislative measures are carried out. They may interact with the public such as delivering a query response to questions about specific policy implementations.
  • Contract negotiator – applies knowledge of labor and commercial transactions to govern and enforce equitable contracts between parties. They analyze and arbitrate acquisitions, partnerships, and general employment standards, as well as many other state and federal regulations and statutes.
  • Liaison – acts as a liaison between the legislative bodies and the organization, answering any questions that may arise. Examines internal policies, plans, and programs for compliance with applicable government regulations and legislation.
  • Regulatory affairs manager – oversees a company’s manufacturing operations and ensures that all rules and standard operating procedures are followed.
  • Government affairs specialist – a professional lobbyist who assists a community’s legislative efforts at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. He or she collaborates with elected officials, government officials, lobbyists, and other stakeholders.
  • Political affairs advisor -iInterprets and asseses government, corporate, and organization policies, public concerns, legislation, and operations. Keeps up with the latest government policy decisions. Educates people about politics. Evaluates programs and policies and makes recommendations to institutions and organizations based on the findings.
  • Regulatory claims specialist – explains regulations, procedures, and policies to all employees and stakeholders. Keeps data and files for future reference, especially in the event of a regulatory agency audit.