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Manufacturing Audience

Food Production Industry


Participants who work in a role at a company in the food production/manufacturing industry. The food production industry comprises various fields related to food safety, production, processing, packaging, transport and storage.

Participants in this industry will likely be skilled in food science, factory operations, and food safety. They tend to favor authenticity and high quality.

Common audiences

These common audiences are made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the food production industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Flavorist – builds flavor formulae based on the understanding of essential oils, chemicals, and other substances. Develops new and improved formulae, and also copies and restores natural flavors lost during food production. Researches long shelf life flavors and allergy-safe flavors for broadest consumer appeal.
  • Food inspector – ensures that all food produced at a farm, processing plant, slaughterhouse, or other food production facility follows stringent health and safety standards. Conducts inspections of food, investigates health, sanitation, and safety practices at a facility, and writes reports based on findings and interviews. Detects bacterial or other contamination risks and must be willing to halt manufacturing to ensure public safety.
  • Food taster – a quality assurance employee who tests food products for various aspects such as appearance, smell, taste, flavor, and ingredient quality. Grades food samples against certain manufacturer or cooking department standards. May  work as food technicians, scientists, or marketers full-time.
  • Refrigeration engineer – specializes in the design and installation of cooling systems. Plans and oversees the steps of building sophisticated refrigeration systems for restaurants, medical facilities, warehouses, trucks, and trailers.
  • Food Safety director – oversees all compliance procedures and policies at a big food production or manufacturing facility. Executes inspections and other auditing activities, and verifies that all personnel, as well as the facility itself, follow food health and safety requirements.
  • Food Scientist – researches the fundamental constituents of food using chemistry, biology, and other sciences. They investigate ways to make processed foods safe and healthy by analyzing the nutritional content of foods, discovering new food sources, and analyzing the nutritional content of foods.
  • Food processor – prepares and packages food before it is sold to customers or retailers. Processors can work as butchers, meat packers, fish cleaners, oven supervisers, or assembly line workers at a food processing company.
  • Distillery manager – in charge of a distillery’s administrative functions, as well as the manufacture and storage of beverages after they’ve been distilled. Product research and manufacturing, supply and operations. Monitors profit and loss, estimating future production levels and costs, and keeps consistency in the amount of alcohol and components in each batch. Maintains licenses and standards.