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Services Audience

Consumer Services Industry


Participants who work in a role at a company in the consumer services industry. The consumer services industry comprises service aspects to various fields related to many sectors like health, hospitality, education, repair, cleaning, and leisure.

Participants in this industry have skills in retail and wholesale services. They tend to prioritize the customer experience through communication and personalization.

Common audiences

These common audiences are made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the consumer services industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Call center agent – answers consumer calls and responds to their queries or concerns. They are responsible for handling a large number of inbound and outbound calls from and to customers, as well as listening to their needs and delivering helpful answers to their difficulties.
  • Patient care coordinator – develops, monitors, and evaluates each case to provide complete care to clients and patients. They are in charge of greeting and admitting patients, as well as ensuring that their patients’ care is carefully coordinated with the nursing staff.
  • Tow truck driver – responds to disabled or damaged automobiles on the road. They are responsible for carefully tying disabled automobiles to their tow truck with a chain, winch, steering locks, and the installation of indication lights. The automobiles are subsequently sent to a specified repair shop or junkyard.
  • Funeral director – all parts of funeral services, including corpse preparation, visitation, services, burials, and cremations, will be overseen, directed, and coordinated by the Funeral Director, who will also provide loving support and guidance to the deceased’s family and friends.
  • Dry cleaning worker – supervises and runs cleaning machinery that are used to wash or dry clean industrial, private, or domestic items. Specialty apparel or items such as suede, leather, furs, linens, bed coverings, and even rugs fall into this category. In most cases, a normal washer and dryer will not be able to clean these things.
  • Collision repair technician – accident repair experts, also known as auto body mechanics, restore automobiles that have been in a collision using the proper repair processes, paint, and materials. When vehicles are involved in accidents on the road, these professionals are called upon to fix them and return them to their former state.
  • Public radio technical operations specialist – performs quality control for program services. Monitors and assists in troubleshooting audio playout, routing, and transmission systems to guarantee the audio output complies with quality standards. Also supports other departments in their interactions with these systems and responds to routine help requests, including emergencies.
  • Pharmacist – in charge of regulating the distribution of pharmaceuticals to persons suffering from physical or mental illnesses. Communication with physicians to determine the type of medication and dosage for a customer, taking inventory of pharmaceutical drugs to reorder them based on demand, and responding to  pharmacy customers’ questions are some of their responsibilities.
  • Restaurant manager – responsible for a variety of tasks, including hiring and managing personnel, overseeing operations, dealing with client complaints, and preparing financial reports. A restaurant manager’s responsibilities also include ensuring compliance with health and safety requirements and managing inventories.